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•   Penny Harrington  11/21
•   Linda Yates (Truex)  11/21
•   Rosalyn Beaver (Hawks)  11/23
•   Judy Fishman ('64) (Littrell)  11/23
•   Sandra Gayle Bowman (Burk)  11/25
•   Charles E. Taylor  11/29
•   Don Graves  12/1
•   Betsy King  12/2
•   Bill Barnes ('61)  12/3
•   Dick Bruer ('61)  12/3
•   Cindie Freeman ('64) (Haynie)  12/4
•   Wink Martindale ('51)  12/4
•   Clayton Powell (Powell)  12/5
•   Susan Williams ('64) (Jeffries)  12/8
•   Patsy White (Camp)  12/17
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•   Tommy Teague ('64)  9/21
•   Richard Dolbeer  8/27
•   Charles P. Taylor  8/12
•   Jesse Thurmond  8/10
•   John Clayton  8/10
•   Dick Bruer ('61)  7/16
•   Paula Tate (Brereton)  7/6
•   Judy Engle (Herron)  7/5
•   Jack Camp  7/5
•   Sandra Gayle Bowman (Burk)  7/4
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 69.9%

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1 lives in Alabama
2 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
3 live in California
1 lives in Connecticut
6 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
1 lives in Kentucky
2 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
3 live in Michigan
5 live in Mississippi
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
3 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Pennsylvania
3 live in South Carolina
79 live in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in Norway
13 location unknown
36 are deceased

Jackson High School
Class of 1963

Richard Dolbeer presented a summary of his career at his 50 year College reunion at The University of the South in Sewanee TN on Nov 3, 2017. Here he presents a chart with a photo of him with Pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger and Co-Pilot Jeffrey Skiles who were at the controls of US Airways Flight 1549 (callsign CACTUS 1549) when it achieved a controlled landing in the Hudson River. Richard led a team that identified the large Canada Geese that hit the plane's engine.

Charles Smith sent this:

L-R: Ray Kilzer, John Jennings, Charles Smith, Richard Dolbeer. David Stebbins, Freddie Gerson.

Sgt. Johnsey of the Police Dept,

Robert Medlin, George Hearn, Charles Taylor, Butch Jackson, Rudy Hayes, Bobby Wilson.

John Rukavina not present for the picture

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